Air charter

GetJet is a personal air transport service including management of all phases of the flight, from check-in to landing. You can order an aircraft anywhere in the world at a convenient time or rent any aircraft from our fleet. We can guarantee maximum comfort, reliability and safety.

GetJet company is a leading player in the business aviation market with many years of experience. Our fleet includes the widest range of aircrafts to fulfill any requests and budgets – from small specialized aircrafts to heavy long-haul airliners. On board we provide our customers with individual meals, proper rest, wireless Internet access and other services, including arrangement of negotiations and conference calls, if needed. You can count on our comprehensive assistance with business aviation in 24/7 mode, including holidays and weekends.


Charter flights

We choose only the best operators who guarantee quality and reliability. Get your first quote in 30 minutes and be airborne in 3 hours.

Empty Legs

Either find a destination where you can fly at our special empty leg rates or find a discounted price to your desired destination. Sign up to our e-mail updates to be the first to learn about best deals.

Medical aviation

Medical flights are arranged if it is necessary to urgently transport a patient long distance away – for example, to a specialized foreign medical institution. GetJet has been providing long-haul medical and sanitary flights for many years. Our customers are offered planes specially adapted for patient transportation, as well as medical personnel that provides assistance until the patient is safely delivered to the relevant institution. Modern high-tech devices are able to maintain a stable state of the patient during transportation, in emergency situations qualified medical care is provided.


Private flights

Private flights to any part of the globe are very popular in the world of modern business, where every minute counts. GetJet is the largest aircraft fleet in the country and also a team of professionals that provides a full range of services in this field. We can help you with booking charter flights on planes of any size and class, and VIP flights for personal and corporate purposes. Our advantages add in the highest standards of quality on board service, comprehensive assistance with airport procedures, transfer to the destination, absolute safety and confidentiality.

Group charter

The group charter service has a number of advantages compared to the regular air transportation. Affordable costs, convenient routes, individual service on board – this is only a small part of the obvious good points. GetJet is ready to arrange a group flight for corporate, tourist and other purposes. Every client is assigned to a personal manager, who is available round-the-clock to answer any questions and solve any problems. The flight control is carried out by our specialists at every stage. We transport groups with any number of passengers and are ready to offer the best price solution for each customer.

Air charter transportation

GetJet is a worthy alternative to most companies engaged in regular air transportation. If you are planning a trip or a business meeting away from home, air travel is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to the right place at the right time. There isn’t always a suitable flight, and airports are usually located far from the final destination. With the help of our company, all your concerns regarding your flight and timely arrival at the right place will be taken care of. We offer high-quality VIP-service and a wide range of related services, including delivery of equipment to any equipped site.

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